English Hmong Phrasebook with Useful Word List

English Hmong Phrasebook with Useful Word List

English Hmong Phrasebook with Useful Word List

English Hmong Phrasebook with Useful Wordlist by the Center for Applied Linguistics This book is quite useful for learning basic useful conversation. It was originally intended to help Hmong speaking people learn to speak English, but is equally useful backwards as well. Be forewarned, some of the grammar is not perfect and much of the translation is loose. It is also EXCEPTIONALLY useful because of the fact that ALL of the


BONUS: The following are audio tracks that go with each lesson. You can listen to them from the website, or you can download them each by right clicking them and selecting “Save link as…”: (Thank you Sarah for your diligent efforts in transferring all these from caset Tapes to digital files!)

EMFB-01_Unit 1

EMFB-02_Unit 2

EMFB-03_Unit 3

EMFB-04_Unit 4

EMFB-05_Unit 5

EMFB-06_Unit 6

EMFB-07_Unit 7

EMFB-08_Unit 8

EMFB-09_Unit 9

EMFB-10_Unit 10

EMFB-11_Unit 11

EMFB-12_Unit 12

EMFB-13_Unit 13

EMFB-14_Unit 14

EMFB-15_Unit 15

EMFB-16_Unit 16

EMFB-17_Unit 17

EMFB-18_Unit 18

EMFB-19_Unit 19

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  1. Hi Travis and Sarah,

    How very awesome all the work you two do with the Hmong Language. I hope I can learn, and be helpful in the Hmong territory.

    Many thanks for this site! I hope to be able to work along side you all in the near future.

    Shirl Vose

  2. Dear Peev Xwm thiab Nkauj Dawb,

    How can I express my appreciative of your dilligent efforts for
    JW Hmoob group and Hmoob territories in Tsheej Maim! YOU
    both are inspired me and Tsa iab to learn more and more
    everyday. Not merely make our life brand new after our fifty,
    but everything is Jehovah’s WILL.

    Thank YOU so much so much so much. ( ๆ ๆ ๆ in lus Thiab).

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