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Welcome to ourΒ Study Hmong website!Β 

We are Travis & Sarah Gore. We have lived in the US and in Thailand and we have taught the Hmong language for years. We've taught as "Hmong Monday" and "TSWV8 6 3". Now all of our resources are together on one website, Study Hmong. 😁

Whether you are brand new to Hmong or have been learning it for years, there are skills to learn and refinements we all can make!

The goal?

  • make learning Hmong easier and fun
  • we do the research FOR YOU
  • we makeΒ packages of learning content that's easy to understand

Learn Hmong at your own pace!

Signing up for a membership will give you instant access to all our lessons which include:

  • Videos that explain a feature of the language
  • Audio files for practice
  • Custom worksheets for corresponding lessons
  • Personal attention
    • Message us anytime and you will hear an answer from one of us directly. Β 
    • Make unlimited requests for future lessons and content.
  • All access pass to ALL the lessons. Never miss a lesson. And you'll be informed when new lessons and content is released.

Please join us and you'llΒ LOVEΒ to Study Hmong! πŸ™‚

Thank you SO MUCH for checking us out!


Q: What's the purpose of this classroom?

A: Learning can be intimidating and we want to make the journey and easy, understandable and as useful as possible.

Q: What is membership?

A: It gives access to content that we have worked really diligently on to help accelerate your understanding of and abilities in learning the Hmong language.

Q: What do you get?

A: Our videos are always free and available on YouTube, but we also wanted to make worksheets, activities, audio recordings and more for practice.

Also, we are available and eager to personally answer questions that you specifically have, how helpful is that?!

Q: Why are we charging for the lessons?

A: The membership helps offset the costs of our necessary expenses such as the software programs we use and the website hosting needed to make these resources available.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Hmong language, we hope you enjoy learning with us.

Open a few lessons below to try out free sample lessons.


Travis' Classroom

I like to focus on grammar concepts and collections of categorized vocabulary. Feel free to drop me a line if you have suggestions or requests for learning material.

cartoon hmong girl working hard doing paj ntaub, or hmong hand embroidery. She is sitting on a wooden stool

Conversation Lessons

This section contains conversation lessons written and recorded by native speakers!


Sarah's Classroom

Here is a collection of lessons where I've done all the research for you. There's videos, secular resources, worksheets, audio files and more to walk you through specific features of learning Hmong.