Hmong High Frequency Words Memrise Course

Hmong woman feeding chicken

Hmong High Frequency Words

To make this course I used a computer generated list of high frequency words that were taken from Bible-based publications. So you may notice some Bible-based terminology mixed in there. However they most certainly contain many words that will be useful in any kind of conversation. More importantly, they are arranged by word frequency. This means the most frequent words are the ones you will study first.

You can click the link below to go to the card pack:

Hmong woman feeding chicken

Link: Hmong High Frequency Words on Memrise

Would you like to help improve this course?

If you are a native speaker or conversationally fluent and you are a good reader, let me know. Adding your voice to this memrise pack can only take 30 minutes – 1 hour of your time, but it could help a ton of people. Just click here to send me a message.

What is Memrise?

In case you aren’t familiar with Memrise, it is a free (paid for pro-version) app that uses spaced repetition learning, audio, mnemonics, and gamification of learning to help improve retention and make the learning process more fun. Memrise is a great tool for learning vocabulary.

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