The Hand

PDF Download Audio Files Below you can find all of the words in the chart pronounced in Hmong. Update: Audio files added. txhais tes the hand – มือ ntiv tes nta middle finger – นี้วกลาง ntiv tes taw pointer / index finger – นิ้วชี้ ntiv tes xoo thumb – นิ้วแม่มือ / นิ้วโป้ง rau tes finger nail – เล็บ khauj tsiav … Read More

Hmong High Frequency Words Memrise Course

Hmong woman feeding chicken

Hmong High Frequency Words To make this course I used a computer generated list of high frequency words that were taken from Bible-based publications. So you may notice some Bible-based terminology mixed in there. However they most certainly contain many words that will be useful in any kind of conversation. More importantly, they are arranged by word frequency. This means … Read More

Hmong Glossary of Grammar

Hmong Glossary of Grammar A usable glossary of grammar with examples.      A note for understanding Hmong grammar: Languages are like different brands of cars. They all have the same basic parts, with the same basic functions. Each one is a little different, though. Generally, you can’t take a part out of one brand and just install it in … Read More