Study the Hmong Alphabet – Practice Reading Hmong – Video #5 P

Learn and practice the pronunciation for the Hmong language consonant P, while also practicing the previous letters learned in videos #1-4 of this series.

TO DO: After she says each sound, copy her pronunciation as closely as possible out loud.

HOW IT WORKS: In this lesson you will hear her ‘spell’ according to a common Hmong way for spelling. She will say the consonant, the vowel, then say them together. After that she will say the name of the tone marker and pronounce the same word again, but with the tone this time. It takes some getting used to, but you will get the hang of it. The names of the tones are as follows:

j – cim ntuj

b – cim siab

g – cim neeg

s – cim mus

m – cim niam

v – cim kuv

d – cim tod


Thanks for watching!!!

-Sarah / Nkauj Dawb 🌸

Sound effect by “Chiming Out”

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