PUAS – How to ask a Yes/No question in the Hmong Language

Nyob zoo os. Welcome. Today we are testing an interactive Hmong language class, with the possibility of having more in the future. THANKS so much for joining.

-You may want a notebook and pen for taking notes. I am Sarah Gore – Nkauj Dawb. I have been learning Hmong since 2010, and trying to learn more and help others learn.


  • Learn some vocabulary
  • Practice pronunciation
  • Have fun doing it.

TO LEARN: PUAS – do; are; would This is a YES/NO question word.

Such as:

  • DO you like…
  • ARE you going…
  • WOULD you mind…

So, whenever we see ‘puas’ the answer needs to be answered by Yes or No. How do we use ‘puas’? pronoun + puas + verb


  • Q: Koj puas mus? Do you go? / Are you going?

How do we say ‘yes’? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not ‘YOG’.

  • A: Mus. Yes. (Literally: Go.) How do we say ‘no’?
  • A: Tsis mus. No. (Literally: Not go.)

There may be more than one verb in the question, so…  Answer with the verb you want to know about.

  • Q: Koj puas xav mus? There are two verbs here! What is it I really want to know? Do you WANT to go?
  • How do you answer this with a ‘yes’? A: Xav. (Kuv xav mus.) Want. (I want to go.)
  • How do you answer this with a ‘no’? A: Tsis xav. (Kuv tsis xav mus.) Not want. (I do not want to go.) 



Here’s the link to the video on classifiers referenced to at the end of this video: https://youtu.be/5loPFyj0NsY

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