“What is this? & What is this called?”

Inspired by Pimsleur’s language teaching style, I use spaced repetition, simple definitions and explanations to learn Hmong sentences and vocabulary quickly and effectively.

This video will go over a couple phrases you may want when conversing in Hmong.

  • What is this called? – No hu li cas?
  • What is this? – No yog dabtsi?

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  1. Nyob zoo Sara
    I’m sorry about the trouble with PayPal. I would still like to enjoy yours and Travis tutorials, but I would like to know if you provide personal tutoring. I’m having such a hard time picking up on the concept of the Hmong language. I would love to stay in the field of the ministry, but is hard to understand the spoken language and sentence structure for making comments are hard for me. If you doing provide personal Tutoring. Please let me know.

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