1.0 Hmong Language – Alphabet

Want to learn the Hmong language, but don’t know where to start? RIGHT HERE! This is an easy introduction and overview of what to look forward to with the Hmong language and how easy it will be!

Thank you for joining us here on Study Hmong.com.

This first lesson has been made public as a sample of what we will be providing. We’ve worked really hard on these lessons, and hope you really enjoy them! 🙂

Download the attachments below to enhance your benefits from this lesson. Happy studying! 🙂



  • A PDF excerpt from Annie Jaisser’s grammar book on the alphabet.
  • A worksheet we made that shows all the alphabet characters in the Hmong language: vowels, consonants and tones and an exercise for pronunciation practice.


Credit to the following resources:
  • Hmong for Beginners by Annie Jaisser

2 Comments on “1.0 Hmong Language – Alphabet”

  1. Your website looks amazing! my wife is Hmong and I haven’t meet her family, I think it’ll help me get closer to her family and connect to culture easier. I will definitely sign up soon! I need to save some money first since my mother hasn’t been working since she’s sick. I hope to learn as much from this website. Two questions I have is, if it is possible to learn about the culture and religion a bit more too because my wife told me she follows the shamen religion. And lastly, is it possible to send voice recordings so I may know if my tone is correct.

    1. Hi Derek! I really hope you enjoy your study of the Hmong language from our website. While the lessons Sarah and I develop focus on the language, there is an excellent book by Robert Cooper called ‘The Hmong’ that you can download for free from this site here: https://studyhmong.com/the-hmong/
      You can also find it under Books>The Hmong. And yes! Feel free to send us audio messages by either emailing us by replying to the letter Sarah sent to you when you signed up or by sending a message through social media. Just be patient with us because this website is a labor of love outside of our full time jobs and it is just the two of us so sometimes it takes a while to respond. Again, I hope you enjoy learning. Kawm kam tiag! (study hard!)

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