1.0 Hmong Language – Alphabet

Want to learn the Hmong language, but don’t know where to start? RIGHT HERE! This is an easy introduction and overview of what to look forward to with the Hmong language and how easy it will be!

Thank you for joining us here on Study Hmong.com.

This first lesson has been made public as a sample of what we will be providing. We’ve worked really hard on these lessons, and hope you really enjoy them! 🙂

Download the attachments below to enhance your benefits from this lesson. Happy studying! 🙂



  • A PDF excerpt from Annie Jaisser’s grammar book on the alphabet.
  • A worksheet we made that shows all the alphabet characters in the Hmong language: vowels, consonants and tones and an exercise for pronunciation practice.


Credit to the following resources:
  • Hmong for Beginners by Annie Jaisser

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