Hmong Grammar: Emotional Particles

hmong grammar emotional particles

What is this video about?

This is a video that describes the emotional particles or words used at the end of sentences and phrases in Hmong which express emotion rather than meaning. Sometimes they express a mix of both meaning with an implied emotion. The purpose of this video isn’t to give a list of all possible particles but to give an overview so you can understand how they work and more easily learn them over time.

Summary for review:

1. Os – softens the phrase
a. Nyob zoo
b. Nyob zoo os
2. Mog – turns a request into a polite request.
a. Koj ua ib taig rau kuv noj thiab
b. Koj ua ib taig rau kuv noj thiab mog
3. Ntag -Exactly!
a. Li ko ntag!
b. Tus ntawd ntag
4. Diam! – That many?
a. Npaum li ko diam?!?
5. Sub, pob – Turns a statement into a doubtful statement, or even a question
a. Yog thiab sub? – I think it’s right, isn’t it?
b. Hnub no koj tuaj thiab pob – You are coming today, too, right?
6. Yuad – Used in a dare or when you want someone to accept.
Peb mus yuad? Let’s go?

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  1. Wonderful words to learn! I love learning more particle words and please keep them coming! I always hear the friends use the phrase “Sub Pob!” xws li “Koj nyob li cas Pob?”. I was like in my head translating: Koj nyob li cas-How are you, Pob-Ball?

    Now it makes sense!

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