Regarding Issues with PayPal

Nyob zoo ib tsoom phoojywg! Hello Friends!

Sadly, because of difficulties with PayPal we have been forced to part ways them. This has created a complication with our memberships, as you may be aware, because they won’t process payments any longer.

So here is an overview of what may be happening. If you have a membership that you started through PayPal, once the membership expires for the month, normally it would automatically process a payment (through PayPal) and renew. But from here forward the payment will fail and the membership will not renew. To prevent a continuous failed payment loop, I, Travis, am manually cancelling the subscription.

If you would like to continue your membership (and we really hope you would!), simply click here and re-start your membership. We are now using Stripe, which is a very reliable and secure payment system. You can also pay with Apple Pay!

If you have any questions what-so-ever or would like help, please contact us here.

We hope you enjoy your study of the Hmong language and that we can continue to provide resources to help you progress.

-Travis Gore (Peevxwm).