Simple Presentation

› Nyob Zoo

› Kuv hu ua_(your name)_

› Kuv tsis paub hais lus Hmoob.

› Thov saib zaj video no.


› Kuv xav muab daim no rau koj nyeem.



Click here to download printable pdf.


DO NOT PLAY THIS AT THE DOOR OR GIVE IT TO THE HOUSEHOLDER TO READ! We are no longer using phonograph presentations or testimony cards.

Make an attempt to memorize the phrases so that you can say them at the door. Make note of the picture to help remind you of the meaning. You can find the loose translation below, but there would also be a great deal of benefit to going to the Books Section and looking up the words one by one in one of the dictionaries. It will help you understand the real meaning. You can write your version of the phonetics (what you think it sounds like)  in the white space below the words.

Loose Translation:


I’m called____.

I don’t know how to speak Hmong.

Please watch this video.

I want to give this tract to you to read.

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