Southeast Asia Papers

Here are some documents I’ve collected that cover some more advanced topics, or cover simple topics and words in an advanced manner. This will be more of a collection, and not an organized study program. I hope that it can be useful to some, and not a distraction. Please study with digression.


Southeast Asia Papers

SEAP Word Formation of Occupations or Functions


SEAP White Hmong Utterance Particles Jaisser


SEAP Verb Concatenation in Hmong Njua Bettina


SEAP Uas by Riddle – Hmong


SEAP Two Consonants in White Hmong Jarkey


SEAP Topicalized NPs with Expansion Pronouns


SEAP Topic Markers in Hmong


SEAP Teachers as Language Students Jaisser


SEAP Siab by Annie Jaissier – Hmong


SEAP Serial Verbs by Riddle – Hmong




SEAP Relativization, Parataxis, and Underspecification Riddle


SEAP Passive Construction Hmong Grammar


SEAP Metaphorically Speaking in White Hmong


SEAP Hmong-Mien Language classification Strecker


SEAP Hmong Visual Oral and Social Design Judy Lewis


SEAP Hmong Tone Change Ratliff


SEAP Hmong Language by Xee Vang


SEAP Hmong Elaborate Expressions – Four Word Phrases


SEAP Hmong Demonstratives by Ratliff


SEAP Hmong Classifiers by Annie Jaisser


SEAP Hmong and Areal Southeast Asia Clark


SEAP Hais Tias by Annie Jassier – Hmong


SEAP Extra-Sentential Topic Marker Clark


SEAP Differentiated Doublets in Hmong Ratliff


SEAP Conjunctions as topicalizers by Marybeth Clark


SEAP Classifiers in the Hmong -Yao languages


SEAP Asking Questions in Hmong


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