Hmong Tone Change – The D Tone for Direction Words

Hmong Tone Change ā€“ The D Tone for Direction Words Cheatsheet/ Worksheet Worksheet-Cheat-SheetDownload PDF Tone change is something that happens a lot in Hmong. While it is true that most tone change in Hmong takes place due to the tone of the previous word, the ā€˜Dā€™ tone is a special case. When you see the D tone, it has almost … Read More

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Action – Object – Modifier in Hmong

Often in English when we talk about an action we add modifying words to that action to show in what manner it was completed. For example, if you say, ‘kick him’ it has one meaning, but if you say, ‘kick him out‘ it has an entirely different meaning because of that modifier ‘out.’ A few more examples are: Stand up. … Read More