White Hmong Grammar by Jean Mottin

This is a book that I have been, bit by bit, translating from French to English using translate.google.com. I thus apologize for any poor translations. I do not know French at all. I am therefore at the mercy of Google Translate.

I have attached a few PDF’s of the sections I have translated so far. Hopefully it will be useful.

pdfMain Classifiers – Jean Mottin


pdfForming Nouns from Verbs – Jean Mottin


pdfClassifiers – Jean Mottin


pdfWord Formation of Occupations or Functions – Jean Mottin


Here is a PDF of the whole book in French, with the pages I have translated into English replacing the french pages (last uploaded – 04/04/2013):



French Version – Uneditied

Here is the original version, entirely in french

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