Study the Hmong Alphabet – Practice Reading Hmong – Video #7 ai ia

Learn and practice the pronunciation for the Hmong language double vowels AI and IA, while also practicing the previous vowels learned in videos #1-6 of this series. TO DO: After she says each sound, copy her pronunciation as closely as possible out loud. HOW IT WORKS: In this lesson you will hear her pronounce the vowel sounds without tones. __________________________ … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About the Hmong Language

What is This Section? I put this article together based on questions I have heard over the years and Google’s auto-generated questions when you search for the words ‘Learn Hmong’ in Google. I hope to answer the questions here briefly as well as providing links to more complete answers or resources for learning that you can find on this site. … Read More

The Hmong Alphabet

a southeast asian water buffalo, in Hmong it is called 'twm'

Table of Contents Level up your learning! This alphabet course was brought to you for free because we believe everyone should have access to literacy. But you can learn a lot more through our hand-crafted, carefully researched premium courses. For example, learn the native Hmong words for fruits with audio: Introduction This page is intended to be an exhaustive resource … Read More

The Pre-Aspirated Letter H in Hmong

This video shows briefly how a word that starts with the letter H in Hmong will be pronounced with a puff of air from the nose first. There are comparisons of pronunciation with and without the pre-aspirated H. Sarah also did a great video about this at:

The Aspirated Letter H

Sarah also did a great video about this at: A simple description with examples of the difference between having and not having an ‘H’ in a word in Hmong. As the description shows, this refers to an ‘H’ that follows another letter. When the ‘H’ is the first letter in a word, it is aspirated differently.

Tips to Accelerate Language Learning

cartoon hmong girl working hard doing paj ntaub, or hmong hand embroidery. She is sitting on a wooden stool

How do you learn a language? Many wonder where to start. I will share some tips in this article from experience and study to help accelerate the learning process. I’ll make an effort to try to categorize them. I am also going to try to make it as concise as possible. At the very end is a suggested study method … Read More