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How Can I Learn Hmong?

On this website we have collected a lot of content over the past few years about learning Hmong. We have tried to organize it into the most logical categories. Hopefully this will help direct you in your path to learning Hmong. You can also search for specific items by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of this page or by clicking the menu bar if you are on a mobile device.

Reading and writing in Hmong


This section includes basics of reading and writing in Hmong. It also includes some beginner phrases and other similar items.

Hmong Vocabulary


Included here are activities regarding learning vocabulary.

Books about Hmong


This section includes various collected books regarding the Hmong language, Hmong culture, etc.

Audio and Video in Hmong


Various resources that contain either audio or video resources to help you learn Hmong.

Guided Learning

Guided Learning

Hand selected videos, articles and books to help you make your punches count!

Hmong Grammar


Here are various items that will help improve grammar in the Hmong language.

About the Authors

Travis and Sarah have been learning Hmong as a couple for about 7 years. We both collect and upload existing resources as well as creating fresh, new resources to help learn Hmong.

Travis Gore

Travis Gore

Travis is a mess but occasionally has something useful to share. He has a passion for understanding and teaching grammar. You can find him at the following places:

Sarah Gore

Sarah Gore

Sarah is a Hmong language teaching machine. She makes videos for youtube, instagram, and detailed, premium lessons for Patreon. You can find her at the following places: