The Internal Organs


Below you can download the updated PDF with White and Green Hmong. The vocabulary in this PDF is covered in the above video.

Below you can download the original version of this PDF with the Thai vocabulary included.

Audio Files

Below you can hear all of the audio files for each internal organ.

White/ Green Hmong: lub cev

 the body – ร่างกาย
lub cev

White Hmong: (lub) pob qa

Green Hmong: (lub) pob qaa

larynx / voice-box – กล่องเสียง
lub pob qa

(lub) pob qaa

White Hmong: (txoj) hlab pas

Green Hmong: (txuj) hlaab paas

windpipe / trachea – หลอดลม
txoj hlab pas

(txuj) hlaab paas

White/ Green Hmong: lub ntsws

lung – ปอด
lub ntsws

White Hmong: (cov, tus) tav

Green Hmong: (cov, tug) taav

rib – ซี่โครง
tus tav

(tug) taav

White Hmong: (txoj) hlab ntsha

Green Hmong: (txuj) hlaab ntshaa

vein – หลอดเลือดดำ
txoj hlab ntsha

(txuj) hlaab ntshaa

White Hmong: (daim) siab

Green Hmong: (dlaim) sab

liver – ตับ

(daim) siab

(dlaim) sab

White/ Green Hmong: (lub) tsib

gall bladder – ถุงน้ำดี 
lub tsib

White Hmong: (txoj) hnyuv tws

Green Hmong: (txuj) nyuv twg

appendix – ไส้ติ่ง
txoj hnyuv tws

(txuj) nyuv twg

White Hmong: (lub) zais zis

Green Hmong: (lub) zaig zig

bladder – กระเพาะปัสสาวะ
lub zais zis

(lub) zaig zig

White Hmong: (cov) hlwb txha

Green Hmong: (cov) hlwb txhaa

bone marrow

(cov) hlwb txha

(cov) hlwb txhaa

White Hmong: (lub, tus) pob txha

Green Hmong: (lub, tug) pob txhaa

bone – กระดูก
lub pob txha

(tug) pob txhaa

White Hmong: (cov) pob txha mos

Green Hmong: (cov) pob txhaa mog

cartilage – กระดูกอ่อน
pob txha mos

(cov) pob txhaa mog

White Hmong: (lub, cov) hlwb, paj hlwb

Green Hmong: (lub, cov) hlwb, paaj hlwb

brain – สมอง
lub hlwb

paj hlwb

paaj hlwb

White Hmong: (tus) txha nqaj qaum

Green Hmong: (tug) txhaa nqaaj qaum

the spine- สันหลัง
txha nqaj qaum

(tug) txhaa nqaaj qaum

White Hmong: (cov) hlwb txha nqaj qaum

Green Hmong: (cov) hlwb txhaa nqaaj qaum

spinal cord – ไขสันหลัง

(cov) hlwb txha nqaj qaum

(cov) hlwb txhaa nqaaj qaum

White Hmong: (txoj) hlab qa

Green Hmong: (txuj) hlaab qaa

gullet/ esophagus – หลอดอาหาร
txoj hlab qa

(txuj) hlaab qaa

White/ Green Hmong: (lub) plawv

heart – หัวใจ
lub plawv

White Hmong: (tus) po

Green Hmong: (tug) po

spleen – ม้าม
tus po

White Hmong: (lub) ncauj plab

Green Hmong: (lub) ncauj plaab

lower esophageal sphincter

(lub) ncauj plab

(lub) ncauj plaab

White Hmong: (lub) plab

Green Hmong: (lub) plaab


(lub) plab

(lub) plaab

White / Green Hmong: (lub) raum

kidney – ไต
lub raum

White Hmong: (tus) txiav, (tus) po dawb

Green Hmong: (tug) txav, (tug) po dlawb


(tus) txiav

(tus) po dawb

(tug) txav

(tug) po dlawb

White Hmong: (txoj) hnyuv loj

Green Hmong: (txuj) nyuv luj

large intestine – ลำไส้ใหญ่
hnyuv loj

(txuj) nyuv luj

White Hmong: (txoj) hnyuv mos

Green Hmong: (txuj) nyuv mog

small intestine – ลำไส้เล็ก
hnyuv mos

(txuj) nyuv mog

White / Green Hmong: qhov quav, ncauj qhov quav

anus – ทวารหนัก
qhov quav

ncauj qhov quav

White Hmong: (thooj) nqaij leeg

Green Hmong: (thooj) nqaj leeg

muscle – กล้ามเนื้อ
thooj nqaij leeg 

(thooj) nqaj leeg

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