Vocabulary Sheet

Kitchen Utensils Here is a downloadable PDF of various kitchen related objects. Just click on the image above. You may notice that the Hmong words are NOT provided! This is because this is a learning activity. Use it to find both the equivalent words as well as adding your own words. Ask a native (in Hmong!) or use a Dictionary (You … Read More


I particularly like that art has so many practical applications, especially in teaching. I am a student of the Hmong language, so here is a short article on reading three of the more confusing letters in the Hmong alphabet.   Here is a brief explanation of how to pronounce T, D and R in Hmong.   You place your tongue … Read More

Placing Proper Emphasis When Reading Hmong

  Quick little tips on how to place proper emphasis when reading or speaking Hmong. Hopefully this will help those who are learning. Please mention questions, comments, or corrections in the section below.

Green Hmong Primary Word Book

Green Hmong Primary Word Book This is a picture book to help native Green Hmong speakers pick up the English Language. However, it can be used backwards. Plus it has pictures! Might be good for making flash cards with.

2013 12.10 Hmong Tuesday

2013 12.10 Hmong Tuesday Jordan: Conversational phrases good for talking with householders. Sarah: Conversational phrases good for talking with one another in the hall. Travis: How to make questions to learn about people. Jordan:  Dialogue – Basic Conversational Phrases For The Ministry Sarah: Have Conversations in Hmong! Travis: /hmongmonday/create-your-own-questionanswer-sheet/

2013 11.25 Hmong Tuesday

2013 11.25 Hmong Tuesday Sarah: numbers 1-10 to a musical beat Jordan: universal language generator- build sentences grammatically accurate Travis: A simple presentation- to memorize Resources: Universal Language Generator  

2013 11.19 Hmong Tuesday

Video 2: 2013 11.19 Sarah: Mirror Writing, Pronunciation of “H’s”, Introduce Hmong goal worksheet game Travis: “Good News, Bad News”-create phrases Jordan: Revelation 21:4 acting out the scripture and definitions Resources: Sticker sheet, Hmoob Daim Hom Phiaj, Thailand version  

2013 11.12 Hmong Tuesday

This is an experimental post to see if the response is positive. Please feel free to test it out, and make reply to help us improve, or remove this feature to this website. 🙂 Video 1:  2013 11/5 Travis- Flash cards, and drawing of vocabulary words to build memory Sarah- Chaos reading to practice speaking and grammar, also poetry for making small … Read More

White Hmong Language Lessons

White Hmong Language Lessons by Doris Whitelok

Download PDF: White Hmong Language Lessons By Doris Whitelok. An excellent Language learning book with lessons that teach reading, pronunciation, grammar, and useful phrases. Thanks to the Olivehurst, CA Hmong Group, we also have the audio files. Audio Files WHLL Lesson 01 WHLL Lesson 02 WHLL Lesson 03 WHLL Lesson 04 WHLL Lesson 05 WHLL Lesson 06 WHLL Lesson 07 … Read More

Paj Huam Hmoob

Paj Huam Hmoob     This is a book of Hmong Poetry/Proverbs. Has some very interesting insights into the culture and traditional way of thinking.

The Hmong

The Hmong   by Robert Cooper. A book about Hmong culture and history.

White Hmong Grammar Cheat Sheet

White Hmong Grammar Cheat Sheet This is a White Hmong grammar Cheat Sheet. It should be helpful to refer to when putting together sentences, etc.

Heimbach Family Kinship Chart

Kinship Chart This is a super detailed chart of Kinship based on the family kinship chart in the E. Heimbach White Hmong-English dictionary. The original chart (which you can find in the dictionary at the very end) was not user friendly at all. It is my hope that this one, while still somewhat intimidating, is much easier and more natural … Read More

The Cim (Tones)

Tone Illustration Flash Cards

This PDF Has a picture flash cards to help you memorize the tones: Tone Illustration Flash Cards  

English Hmong Phrasebook with Useful Word List

English Hmong Phrasebook with Useful Word List

English Hmong Phrasebook with Useful Wordlist by the Center for Applied Linguistics This book is quite useful for learning basic useful conversation. It was originally intended to help Hmong speaking people learn to speak English, but is equally useful backwards as well. Be forewarned, some of the grammar is not perfect and much of the translation is loose. It is also EXCEPTIONALLY … Read More

Hmong for Beginners by Annie Jaisser

Download PDF: Hmong For Beginners by Annie Jaisser This is one of the best, if not the only secular resources for learning the Hmong Language from the beginning, as well as learning the grammar of the language. You can download the book here. If you are more of a book person, you can take this file to a place like … Read More