Study the Hmong Alphabet – Practice Reading Hmong – Video #7 ai ia

Learn and practice the pronunciation for the Hmong language double vowels AI and IA, while also practicing the previous vowels learned in videos #1-6 of this series. TO DO: After she says each sound, copy her pronunciation as closely as possible out loud. HOW IT WORKS: In this lesson you will hear her pronounce the vowel sounds without tones. __________________________ … Read More

How are Green Hmong and White Hmong Different?

Many who want to learn Hmong are concerned about which dialect they are learning, and this is fair because it can seem quite intimidating when you are first starting out! Let me give you some reassurance, Green Hmong and White Hmong are dialects of the same language. They are not different languages. What does that mean? Think of it like … Read More

ua zaj ua ntxeev

ua zaj ua ntxeev cover

ua zaj ua ntxeev v. To do everything in one’s power, to do everything possible Example Sentences ib nkawm hluas nkauj thiab hluas nraug yeej yuav ua zaj ua ntxeev kom sib tau xwb xwb li. A young boy and a girl will do everything in their power to be together. Yawg ‘A’ ua zaj ua ntxeev kom tua kom … Read More

Flash Cards – The Secret Weapon For Learning a Language

Photo of the finished flash card books: old and new.

The Problem One of the biggest struggles when learning a new language is the problem of memory. You may hear a new word, be told its meaning, hear how it is pronounced and generally understand it. But minutes or possibly even seconds later, you can no longer remember the word, its pronunciation, its meaning, or all of the above. It … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About the Hmong Language

What is This Section? I put this article together based on questions I have heard over the years and Google’s auto-generated questions when you search for the words ‘Learn Hmong’ in Google. I hope to answer the questions here briefly as well as providing links to more complete answers or resources for learning that you can find on this site. … Read More

Qaug – To succumb to

PDF of Powerpoint Slides Qaug – To Succumb Qaug has a unique place in Hmong in that is a commonly used and often idiomatic in its usage. Below are a few examples that will hopefully help clarify the meaning a little bit.

Anatomy – The Face

PDF Download Below you can download a PDF of the terms for the different parts of the face in Hmong with Thai and English equivalents. The heart necklace she is wearing is real and can bought from SunV’s Etsy Shop. Thank you for the reference! Terms Audio will be added soon. lub ntsej muag the face – หน้าตา hauv xaws … Read More

External Anatomy

PDF Download Below you can download a 2 page pdf that includes Hmong anatomy terms for the outside of the body along with English, Thai equivalents. External Anatomy with White and Green Hmong UPDATED Below you can download an updated PDF with the terms in White and Green Hmong Terms White/ Green Hmong: lub cev the body – ร่างกาย White … Read More

Txiv Hmab Txiv Ntoo – Fruit

Cheat Sheet Txiv Hmab Txiv Ntoo – FruitsDownload PDF Flash Cards Txiv Hmab Txiv Ntoo – Flash CardsDownload PDF Download and print the following PDF. It is best to print the flash cards on cardstock paper since this will make it more difficult to see the answers through them. Cut them out and write the … Read More

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PDF: Post Verbal Intensifiers Reference Sheet

What is this reference sheet? The post verbal intensifier reference sheet is a thoroughly researched list of common post verbal intensifiers in Hmong. It includes an introductory explanation of what post verbal intensifiers are and many reference examples to help clarify the meaning of each word. Download Here

Basic Greetings – Nyob Zoo!

Learn more at This video covers two words for ‘hello’ in Hmong and two words for ‘goodbye.’ Nyob zoo – Hello. Tuaj lov? – Hello. Mus ho tuaj. – See you again /come back next time. Sib ntsib dua. – See you again.

Prepositions by Jean Mottin

The first document above is a translation of the section on prepositions (direction words) in Jean Mottin’s grammar book. It was originally written in French, and the second file is the original French. Enjoy!

Bible Book Names in Hmong

These bible book names are taken from the ‘Txoj Moo Zoo” or “HWB” White Hmong Bible. Many know it as the ‘Red Bible.’ Greek Scriptures – Cov Nqe Lus Kilis Hebrew Scriptures – Cov Nqe Lus Henplais

The Hand

PDF Download UPDATE: Above you can download an updated file that includes White and Green Hmong as long as one additional vocab word: tsawj teg -the lower palm. Audio Files Below you can find all of the words in the chart pronounced in Hmong. txhais tes the hand – มือ ntiv tes nta middle finger – นี้วกลาง ntiv tes taw … Read More

The Internal Organs

Downloads Below you can download the updated PDF with White and Green Hmong. The vocabulary in this PDF is covered in the above video. Below you can download the original version of this PDF with the Thai vocabulary included. Audio Files Below you can hear all of the audio files for each internal organ. White/ Green Hmong: lub cev  the … Read More

Personal Pronouns in Hmong

Thai painting of many people

VIDEO: Personal Pronouns in Hmong The Basic Personal Pronouns in Hmong. Hmong personal pronouns are similar to English, with a few simple differences. Here are the basics: 1st Person – I, me, we Kuv mus lawm. I went. Lit: I go already. Wb yuav mus. We’ll go. Lit: We(2) will go. Peb tsis tuaj. We’re not coming. Lit: We(3+) not … Read More

Hmong High Frequency Words Memrise Course

Hmong woman feeding chicken

Hmong High Frequency Words To make this course I used a computer generated list of high frequency words that were taken from Bible-based publications. So you may notice some Bible-based terminology mixed in there. However they most certainly contain many words that will be useful in any kind of conversation. More importantly, they are arranged by word frequency. This means … Read More

How to say ‘I can’ in Hmong

a concrete dinosaur

Hmong has several ways to say you ‘can’ do something, each with it’s own unique shade of meaning. The basic ‘I can’ with ‘tau.’ The word ‘tau’ in Hmong has a basic meaning of to ‘get’ or ‘achieve.’ It is used somewhat more complexly than that, however. Generally speaking, when ‘tau’ appears after a verb it means it is a … Read More